My history, my belief

I realized that I wanted to live cooking as a child, seeing my grandmother often in the kitchen, I immediately fell in love with the flavors and scents that only the kitchen can give.

I developed from the beginning a passion for Italian cuisine, remembering the unmistakable Milanese scallops with cream and butter sauce that my grandmother used to prepare.

Italian food, with its beauty and variety, immediately inspired me to become a chef of Italian cuisine, wanting to convey this love in my restaurant Pepponita Restaurant in Toulouse.

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My commitment to the environment

In our kitchen we try to minimize waste as much as possible, using few packaging, avoiding wasting ingredients and cooking in small quantities where possible. In addition, we buy Italian products from suppliers present in Italy such as Orobica Food and we mainly supply from local producers.
In my restaurant we want to fully reflect Italian cuisine and be able to pass it on to French customers thanks to the choice of high quality, fresh and genuine products.


Pleasure, Delicacy and Flavours

These are the terms that characterize the way I cook.
For me food is a pleasure, being able to cook it for people in order to convey new flavors and create delicious recipes without losing sight of the properties of raw materials and the freshness of the ingredients.

The Italian cuisine contains these three terms, so to make the dishes I don’t follow only the goodness of the products but also the trends and requests of my customers by introducing also vegetable dishes especially vegetarian, which in recent years are increasingly in demand and that I consider very important to include them in the menu of my restaurant.

Pepponita Restaurant Italian Pub

Pepponita Restaurant is located in Toulouse, France. Here you can enjoy all the flavors of Italian cuisine, with trendy and contemporary dishes.
At Pepponita you will enjoy tasty first courses, pizzas and aperitives, accompanied by contemporary cocktails, in a charming, modern and fashionable place where you can taste Italian dishes made with products of quality and always fresh.


The idea

I want to bring Italian cuisine to my French restaurant, discovering all the authentic tastes of Italian dishes, following innovation and trends of the moment.



The ingredients

Tomato San Marzano, Mozzarella di Bufala, basil and fresh vegetables, ingredients that represent 360 degrees Italian cuisine, are inevitable to prepare tasty dishes in my restaurant.