Feeding the man by respecting the planet

Seasonality, supply chain control, saving and reduction: for us, the continuous search for quality is also expressed by verifying the certifications of our suppliers and checking constantly the products and the services, thanks to that we can maintain a high level of trust with our clients.

Through a continuous innovation of our processes and the search for more and more of zero-impact solutions, we do our best every day to ensure that tasting a healthy and delicious product also means respecting the land from which we got it.

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For us at Orobica Food a day without having known a genuine but innovative flavor, is a lost day. From the very first moment, we have been focusing on the search for excellence among the extraordinary variety of products, Italian and international, in the food & beverage sector. We aim to be an interlocutor for professionals in the Ho.re.Ca world providing them not only the excellence of typical Italian products and not, but also supporting them in their activity and growth.

For the professionals of the world Ho.re.Ca. as for gourmets who buy from our e-commerce, we are proud to offer not only the ancestral tastes of historic products of the Italian territory, but also to be able to indicate new specialties to bring on the tables, moving also in the wake of contemporary cuisine that plays with the excellence of other culinary traditions to renew and experiment. We are constantly evolving, just like the days of our customers and their kitchens always committed with finding the perfect flavor.


OROBICA FOOD adopts a company philosophy putting in the foreground the protection of the environment, of the land and the people who work it. We follow ethical and sustainable values, paying attention to the transparency of the agricultural and food supply chain. Here is the commitment we make to ourselves, every day:

  • We are ambassadors of plant products: we aim to reduce the sale of animals product, in order not to profit from their exploitation and to reduce the environmental impact;
  • We use packaging in recycled cardboard or FSC paper and we reduce paper, implementing an IT communication system between the company and the employees;
  • We choose renewables: we use green electricity produced by water systems and photovoltaic panels;
  • We let the quality talk: the products we sell in Oro4Shop are 95% vegan products and entirely from farms or small producers.


The code of ethics is our guide in order to provide customers with a transparent, traceable and impeccable service. Among our activities, we remember:

  • Respect
  • Reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Solidarity
  • Green Energy
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Bring on the tables the authentic Italian taste by respecting the environment

The challenge of Orobica Food is to provide restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and gourmets the best typical Italian products and not only: we firmly believe that only using raw materials of the highest quality you can get the fragrant and tasty dishes with which we board our tables - at home as at the restaurant - for our moments of conviviality.

Goodness rhymes with sustainability

Through our selection of products and suppliers we want to promote environmental protection, committing ourselves to spreading the culture of good and sustainable food and ensuring the full respect of the environmental legislation in all our activities, because we want to be the first to set a good example.

Search for excellence

Our daily work is to search for excellence among the extraordinary variety of products that the different territories of our peninsula offer, each of them with a unique story to tell.

Ensure maximum respect for the products

To continue in this precise choice of quality, we have invested in a logistics service that guarantees maximum respect for the products: today we can say with satisfaction to offer an impeccable service to all our customers.

Carefully selecting suppliers who become our partners

We undertake to verify that the suppliers comply with all the standards related both to quality certifications and to the treatment of employees, because we cannot define a good food produced without respect for those who work it.

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