My story, my belief

“Rather than smelling like onions, I prefer to smell like sweets” is what I told my father when I decided I was going to be a Pastry chef. 

Thanks to different experiences around the world, traveling between Switzerland and Milan, collaborating with different chefs, luxury hotels and restaurants, ice cream parlors and pastry shops, I experimented between sweet and salty several times, finally, understanding that pastry would become my path.

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My commitment to the environment

In life and in my laboratory, respect for the environment is indispensable.

We try to avoid waste of current, dealing with cooking in the morning and chilling in the afternoon.
We pay attention to the separate collection and we use plastic and recycled paper to pack sweets. For the creations, I follow a healthy philosophy, creating a line of desserts with 30% less sugar and butter, and a vegan line.

To reduce food waste as much as possible we decided to make daily orders and few stocks in order to maintain the freshness of the products. We keep the warehouse tidy and we place great care in separating the raw product from the cooked one.
At the end of the day, with the unsold food, we deliver it in person to the grannies of Milan or we offer it to our loyal customers.

I collaborate with Orobica Food because it embraces my own values
in terms of sustainability and ethics.


Humility and Respect

For me being a Chef means remembering that we are human beings and we cook to convey emotions, to unite people, to feel emotions and disconnect from the daily routine.
So it’s important to respect every single employee and the environment around us.

Seriousness and Determination

“Even if there are walls in life, you have to know how to break them down.”

For this reason, as Chefs we have the task of remembering where we started and always keeping what we say, doing little but of quality, so that we can maintain a professional ethic and establish a relationship of trust with employees and customers.

Desserts for everyone, without renunciations

With my pastry shop I want to offer to customers some sweets that are healthy but also tasty and that make sense.
In my recipes I use little sugar, little butter and high quality raw materials, fresh and genuine.
Above all, I want to respect the needs of everyone by creating vegan desserts and genuine and tasty gluten free desserts.

Pastry shop Casatti

The laboratory was born during the pandemic, walking through the streets of Milan, I discovered in Via delle Foppette 2 the laboratory of my dreams, it was fate. I renewed and created it exactly as I wanted it, preferring and choosing Italian and precious materials, from Carrara marble, to Italian iron, to the white maple sales counter. In a dark period such as Covid-19, a place full of delights is born, where you can return to smile thanks to sweets created with passion and love.
"Between genuineness and modernity." The laboratory is the only one in Milan, entirely electric, using 100% renewable energy. An open pastry workshop where you can admire and enjoy, already early in the morning, the creations of Chef Stefano Casatti.


The idea

My pastry is based on respect for health. Being able to eat healthy but without giving up the sweet tooth!



The ingredients

For creations I use dried fruits such as organic cashews from Vietnam or Brazil to create the cream cheese of my Cheesecake with Vegan berries, along with agar agar as a thickener, to make berry jelly.

I use uncontaminated flours with Kosher certification, maple syrup as a sweetener and use exclusively chantilly cream to create the Maritozzi.