My story, my belief

The passion for cooking was passed on to me by my mother, who was a good cook at home. Seeing my potential, she has pushed me since childhood to try to pursue this career and she has always supported me during my path. The first taste I remember from my childhood is the Sunday rabbit, cooked by my parents. It is a traditional dish from Bergamo, typical of Sunday lunch, which brought the whole family together in a moment of conviviality.

Go to the creations

My commitment to the environment

One of the techniques to ensure the protection of the environment is certainly to use as much as possible natural raw materials and not processed ones. In addition, I try to rely on local producers and suppliers for two reasons: firstly, to avoid the use of too many materials for the packaging of products and secondly, to receive as much as possible fresh products and avoid frozen ones. Finally, in the programming of the dishes and menu, I always look for seasonal products.

It’s necessary to do a programming of the dishes to propose in the week and buy on a regular basis. In this way, you minimize waste and you can use everything you buy. If then during the week I notice that a product is left over, I try to reuse it in the following days in another guise, creating other recipes.


Devotion and patience

The first term that characterizes my way of thinking and living the kitchen is definitely devotion. After many years of my career. I still have a deep respect for my work and the Italian culinary tradition that has been passed on to me. Another term that fully describes my way of cooking is patience. In my opinion, this is one of the most important concepts in the world of catering.

Love and motivation

Today we live in an ever-changing world and we have all got used to getting everything right away, but I think the kitchen goes in the opposite direction. Good results take patience, time and sacrifice. The last term, probably the most important for me, is love. It is the feeling that motivated me to do this job as a young man and that still motivates me every day.

Please the customers

Making vegetarian and vegan cuisine is definitely sustainable and ethical. Unfortunately, the target audience of our restaurant does not allow us to experiment much in this field. However, I think it is the job of the chef to try to adapt to the needs of customers in the best possible way and in case of some vegetarian or vegan request, I always try to please the customer in the best possible way, making recipes with the products I have at that time.

Mi gioco la Pizza

Mi Gioco la Pizza is located in Chiuduno in the Bergamo area. A place where fun and food meet. Here you can enjoy delicious first courses, pizzas, focaccia and fish dishes prepared exclusively with fresh and high quality ingredients. A perfect place for families, where children can spend the evening in the large play area of the restaurant and, for those who want to enjoy a dinner for two or with friends, you can enjoy the evening without worries.


The idea

My cuisine is based on the choice of traditional, fresh and local products, preferring raw materials from Bergamo and Italy.



The ingredients

Fresh fish, aromatic herbs and tomato are the inevitable ingredients in my kitchen that allow me to create delicious recipes suitable for large and small customers. The art of creating a good risotto is my great passion, but I also love to dedicate myself to cooking other pasta dishes, such as pasta and stuffed pasta.