Do you have any doubts?

If you have any doubts, consult the list of faqs

How do I register with the site and create my user profile?

In order to register for the site, you will need to fill out a contact form that includes the following information:
- First name/surname of the company contact person
- Business name
- Email address
- VAT number
- Telephone number
- Indirizzo e-mail
- Cluster of membership
You will then receive approval of successful registration from the Orobica Food group .

Once the profile is created can I edit the data?

Once you have created the profile the fields you will not be able to edit are:
- Business name
- VAT number
All other fields will be editable in your own private area.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you are about to access your account but cannot remember your password, click on “"Forgot your password? Click here” and follow the instructions to retrieve it.

How do you purchase online?

To purchase on our site you will need to log in (if you are already our customer) or enter your registration information, and then fill your shopping cart with the products you choose. Once this is done, you will be able to choose your payment methods and then proceed with your purchase.

What payment methods do you offer?

The enabled payment methods are:
- PayPal
- Credit card
- Bank transfer
- Payment at our office, in the case of collection of goods (selecting this mode does not apply shipping costs)
In the case of payment by bank transfer, concluded the order you will receive a confirmation email containing the order summary, bank details and the amount to be paid. Important: it is essential to include in the reason for payment the code of the order placed.

What are your bank details?

The bank details fortransfers from Italy andabroad sono:
Beneficiary: Orobica Food
Bank: Banco Popolare filiale di Grumello del Monte (Bg)
IBAN: IT 67 C 05034 53140 0000 0000 1321

Why can't I finalize my purchase?

In order to finalize a purchase, you will necessarily have to be registered on the site and make a minimum purchase of 300 euros.

What data should I enter for shipping?

The mandatory data that are required for shipping are:
- first name
- surname
- company
- indirizzo: Address: street / city / country / province / zipper code
-VAT number
- telephone number
- Pec mail address (only for Italian customers)

What are the shipping costs?

In Italy, delivery is free on orders over € 500.00. Shipping costs for an order of a lower amount, or for shipments to other countries, will be calculated at the time of the order and will vary depending on the amount of goods purchased and according to the destination address.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship our products to Italy and other European countries (see eligible countries).

Is it possible to enter a different shipping address?

Yes, you can enter a different shipping address during the checkout process. However, you cannot change your delivery address once you receive your order confirmation. Alternatively, you can contact us at the number found in the contact area and notify us by phone and we will respond to your request.

The delivery made is incomplete. What should I do?

It may happen that the packages in your order are delivered on different days. If you have received only part of your order, please wait 3 more business days before contacting our customer service department.

How many packages will I receive?

We will inform you about the number of packages that make up your order in the order fulfillment email.

My package is damaged. I received a damaged item. What should I do?

If at the time of delivery, the package is conspicuously damaged, has been repackaged, or has the courier's tape on it, you may accept delivery of that package with a reservation.How is this done?? At the time of delivery you should expressly ask the courier to sign acceptance with specific reservation stating the reason (e.g. Damaged Package). By doing so, in case the items inside the package are damaged you can initiate damage reimbursement practices. If, on the other hand, despite the package being in good condition, you received damaged items inside, we ask that you contact us within 24 hours of delivery. To make it easier for customer service to handle your request ( please specify the name, item code and the resulting damaged quantity. We will immediately find a solution for you. We will also ask you to send us photographs documenting the actual condition of the damaged item (max 1mb).

I received a wrong item. What should I do?

Contact customer service immediately. To expedite our assistance, we ask that you provide the name of the product you ordered and did not receive and the name of the product you received incorrectly. We will also ask you to send us a photo (max 1mb).

It has been 2 working days since the processing and I still have not received the email with the tracking from BRT.

The delay in receiving the email from the carrier does not necessarily result in a longer shipping time. If you wish to report a delay, you can contact our customer service department, who will check the delivery status of your order and give feedback as soon as possible.

Why was there no order summary in my package?

The order summary is always emailed to you.

What happens if I am not home when the delivery takes place?

If you were absent at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a "left notice" coupon in your mailbox with the details of the delivery. A new delivery will automatically be scheduled for the next business day. The courier makes two delivery attempts and leaves the attempted delivery note with each attempt.

I received a "notice of attempted delivery" email/ticket. What should I do?

Thanks to the "notice of attempted delivery" the courier confirms you the approximate day and time of the new delivery and the references of its customer service. Thanks to the "manage notice" link on the same email/ticket you can very easily request a new delivery date/time or delivery to an alternative address.

How do I know that my order has been taken care of?

You will receive an order confirmation email after completing an order with a summary of your purchase and, if the "bank transfer" payment method was chosen, the details to effect the payment. Once your package is entrusted to the courier, you will receive an email confirmation for shipment. If the transfer is not received within 3 working days, we will cancel the order.

When will I receive my order?

Orobica Food will deliver products to you within 3-5 business days for italy from the time your order is processed. Your order will begin to be prepared as soon as payment is received. Until that time, your order will remain on standby. The delivery time for Europe is 7-10 working days.This date is for indicative purposes only. It should be noted that during vacation periods, such as Christmas and summer vacations, a postponement of delivery may result. Delivery will be made by courier between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Can I see the order I just placed?

Once you have completed the purchase process, you will receive an e-mail to your e-mail address with the order confirmation. In the order confirmation you will find a summary of all the products you have chosen, their prices, the address for delivery, the order number, and the general and special conditions applicable to your order. You will also find these same details within your private area.

How can I track the status of my order?

Depending on the payment method selected, most orders are processed and fulfilled within 24-48 hours. In the case of payment by bank transfer, orders are processed as soon as payment has been received.You will receive a confirmation email the moment we receive the transfer amount.

How do I edit or cancel my order?

We strive to process and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. In order to avoid repercussions on the logistics management chain and maintain the expected delivery time, once payment is completed, it is no longer possible to change or cancel orders. To add another product, a new order must be placed.

Minimum order

The minimum order value is €300 (excluding shipping costs).z.

Can I return a product?

The return of nonconforming products is allowed, subject to notification and acceptance by customer service, within 24 hours of receipt of the goods. The reasons for the return must be serious and important.

What is Orobica Food's address for returns?

The address of Orobica Food S.r.l for returns is as follows: Via della Castrina, 1, 24060, Chiuduno (BG) ITALY.

How do I make a return?

Contact customer service indicating the code, name and quantity of the items you wish to return.

Do I have to pay shipping charges for returns?

Yes, you are responsible for the shipping costs for returns.

Is there a time limit to return merchandise?

You can return any items that you are not satisfied with within 24 hours of receiving the goods, upon notification and acceptance to customer service.

When and how does the refund of returned items take place?

Refunds take place within 14 days from the day we are informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract. We can suspend the refund until we receive the goods. Refunds can only be made to the means of payment originally used for the purchase.

When I try to place an order, I get an error message. What can I do?

Make sure your browser accepts cookies. If it does not, your program will not be able to save the items placed in your shopping cart.

How does the wish list work?

Once you are registered on our site you will have the opportunity to create your own wish list with your favourite products. The products can be chosen within the detail tab.

Can I save my shopping cart?

Yes you will be able to build a shopping cart without immediately proceeding to the check-out stage. The time for products to remain in the cart is 7 calendar days. After that period the cart is automatically emptied.You will still have the opportunity to save your cart, which is stored in your personal private area. At a later time, by logging into the site, you can use an old, saved cart and finalize your purchase (or finalize your order). You will be able to save multiple carts at the same time, giving a "name" to each individual cart in your private area.

How come when browsing your site, I don't see the prices?

Item prices are only visible to users who have logged into the site.

I am interested by a product, but it is not available what do I do?

Temporarily unavailable products will have a field where you can enter your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail notification as soon as that product becomes available again in Orobica Food.

What can I do if I encounter a problem?

We have a live chat service available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., where you will have the opportunity to communicate with an Orobica Food operator to ask for assistance.

How can I become a reseller?

The page shows a text and contact form that you will need to fill out to apply to become an Orobica Food retailer. The form asks for the following required fields: first name/surname/company/message and requirement to attach your chamber of commerce certificate.

I have a specific question about a product, who can I ask?

Contact us online using live chat (message icon in the lower right corner). Our team will get back to you as soon as possible, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

How can I subscribe to the Orobica Food newsletter?

There are 3 ways to subscribe to the newsletter:
- By entering your e-mail address in the space provided in the footer of the site or in any banner on the home page
- By entering your e-mail address in the eventual pop up that appears when you access the site
- By selecting the appropriate "subscribe to newsletter" checkbox located in the site registration form.
While subscribing to the newsletter you will have to indicate the cluster you belong to among those proposed: restaurant, pizzeria, bar, wholesaler, hotel.

How can I unsubscribe from the Orobica Food newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the Orobica Food newsletter at any time. Just click on the appropriate link you will find at the bottom of any of our newsletters.

Is it possible to submit an application?

By clicking on "Work with us" under Contacts you will find the available open positions and the reference email to which you can send your personal information, message and CV.

What discounts do you offer?

Depending on the cluster you must enter when registering, you will receive a dedicated discount.