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We select the best of the Made in Italy for you. Products of absolute excellence, representative of the territory, obtained in respect of the environment and at affordable prices, and with fast and punctual delivery.

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One story, one idea

Since Orobica Food was founded by the Locatelli family in 2002, we have distinguished ourselves for the quality of our products and the service we offer.

Being visionaries

We have always been oriented to pursuing the excellence of Italian and international products to offer it to the Ho.re.ca. sector professionals.

On our customers’ side

In addition to choosing excellent products, we have a logistics system that guarantees the products our full attention, with an impeccable distribution service.

Philosophy and ethics

The foundations of our work are the transparency of the agricultural and food chain, the protection of the environment, and the land and the people who work it.

We protect our specialties

Our mission?
To make available - to you, who look for the best quality ingredients - a wide range of food products that are truly representative of the best that there is in Italy.
Giving value to the flavours and the preparation methods of our tradition is a way to preserve our history, also encouraging a conscious diet.


At Orobica Food we give priority to the respect and the valuing of the environment, the land and the people who work it. Eco-sustainability is a primary value for us. That is why we select suppliers who are in line with our philosophy, committing every day to protect nature and the environment.
For example, by encouraging the use of recyclable materials, avoiding waste and using biodegradable or low environmental impact goods.

About us

Chef Stefano Casatti

“Rather than smelling like onions, I prefer to smell like sweets” is what I told my father when I decided I was going to be a Pastry chef.

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Chef Eros Gelpi

The passion for cooking was passed on to me by my mother, who was a good cook at home. Seeing my potential, she has pushed me since childhood to try to pursue this career and she has always supported me during my path.

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Chef Fabien Pepponita

"I realized that I wanted to live cooking as a child, seeing my grandmother often in the kitchen, I immediately fell in love with the flavors and scents that only the kitchen can give."

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Your trusted Italian food wholesalers

Are you looking for an Italian food supplier that can guarantee you high-quality ingredients, high environmental sustainability, respect for typicality and seasonality? A partner that gives you the opportunity to offer your customers innovative, original, niche and affordable products?
You have landed in the right place. We are Italian food wholesalers that have always dedicated the utmost attention to the needs of their customers. We constantly support you and ensure fast and impeccable deliveries.
Our satisfaction is to select for you, as your trusted supplier, gastronomic excellence that your customers will not forget.
Do you need to rely on food wholesalers who can offer you specialties from the most diverse areas of Italy? Choose Orobica Food and you will have the best gastronomic "goodies" of our country at your disposal, with affordable prices and a a first-class service.

Italian supplier of food products for the ho.re.ca. sector

Do you have a restaurant, a hotel, a pizzeria, a bar or a store of typical Italian products and want to stock Italian food supplies in line with your concept of high-quality? With Orobica you are on the safe side.
Our supplies for bars, restaurants and for any other Ho.re.ca business are chosen with the highest standards of quality, freshness and food safety in mind.
As your trusted Italian food suppliers, we select only certified products. We focus on ingredients whose origin is known and on producers whose working methods are known and vetted.
For a food products wholesale that is always up to your and your costumers’ expectations, rely on Orobica Food, the best food wholesalers in Lombardy.

Italian food supplies for bars, restaurants and hotels: buy online

Do you want to buy guaranteed Ho.re.ca. products comfortably online? Orobica Food is an Italian food wholesaler that puts the best effort into ensuring a fast service and total availability for deliveries.
Our supply of Ho.re.ca. products is rich, varied and representative of the best of Made in Italy. Choose from our extensive online catalogue the food for the Ho.re.ca sector to add to your menu or your store with guaranteed safety and quality.
Our selection always relies on ingredients straight from the territory, obtained with the utmost respect for the environment and the people who work there.
Do you need more information and explanations? Do not hesitate to contact us to ask everything you need about our Ho.re.ca. food products!

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