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Orobica food

Realizing our dreams through culinary excellence, quality and a lot of love.

Orobica Food is a company with its roots in family and tradition, built on mutual respect and ethical values. Our vision is a healthy world in which the agro-food industry rediscovers its territory, the working of the land and the different phases of the production chain, including the transformation and conservation.

Orobica food offers guaranteed excellence to the hotel, restaurant and catering world – and nothing other than excellence.

Passion, enthusiasm, pursuit of excellence in the food and beverage market, the aim of “shocking” the best restaurants and chefs with superior guaranteed quality, are the reasons we are a global partner in premium catering and in the supply chain for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.
All of our products, and above all, all of our partner-suppliers are carefully selected, examined, checked and evaluated. This ensures that our selection of prodcuts is based on quality, freshness, punctuality and exclusivity.

This is why some of the best Italian and international chefs have chosen Orobica Food as their primary partner. Today, their menus reflect their choice of quality, of valuing Italian agro-food traditions, of an almost manic obsession with the intrinsic value of food, and of complete and ethical quality control.

Orobica Food products are not selected according to demand or convenience; they are the fruits of extensive research, selection, evaluation and…love.

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