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The Bottega del gusto

The “Bottega del Gusto” was conceived as a place of election for agri-food excellences, selected by Orobica Food. The clients, followed by qualified personnel ready to allow them to discover every characteristic of the product, can satisfy their palate and appreciate the typical products offered.

All the food specialities on sale in the shop are “typical products” with peculiarities specific to an area or region of Italy, known and renowned by tradition, because it can give them a particular characteristic.


Following the tradition of the age-old shops, the client, entering Oro4Shop, will find once again the atmosphere, the politeness and the scents of the traditional Italian provinces, full of local specialities which make flavour and genuineness their strong point.
Eating well also means buying well and healthily.

Oro4Shop is the treasure chest, with a vocation for taste, where perfect ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding palate, can be found.

The service

The Bottega del Gusto, with its highly qualified personnel, is at the head office in Via della Castrina, 1 Chiuduno.

The client will be able to find our best selection and receive advice on how to pair them, also having the opportunity to taste the food specialities.