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Philosophy and Ethics


OROBICA FOOD pursues a company philosophy based on ethical values that regulate its activity.

The attention to the transparency of the agricultural and food chain is the basis of the social, environmental and economic values on which our qualitative dimension is based.


Through emphasizing the origin and the seasonal nature of the selected products, we keep the respect for the work of our suppliers high and we keep the relationship of trust without clients high as well.

The certifications and the constant controls on products and services are the instruments with which we monitor the quality of the supplies.

Our dedication to transparency in the agricultural supply chain

Preserving tradition through excellence

Orobica Food puts care and attention into every product and its specially chosen ingredients. In the case of the Napolitan pizza, we use stone-milled organic flour, San Marzano DOP peeled tomatoes from Agro Sarnese Nocerino, fior di latte mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP, high quality fresh products that come directly from the birthplace of pizza, and can be beautifully complemented by traditional desserts from Naples and the rest of Italy.

Of course, the company is dedicated to offering products made locally and traditionally in the rich province of Bergamo. Bramate flour for making polenta, jams and confits, honey, chutney, sauces, antipasti, charcuterie and cheese are just a few examples of the delicacies of the Orobico territory.

Each product from our wide range comes from the place where it is tradicionally produced: hard grain semolina pasta from Gragnano, rice from the valleys of Pavia, balsamic vinegar from Modena, culatello and strolghino from Parma, speck from Alto Adige, bresaola punta d’anca from Valtellina, gorgonzola from Novara, piadinas from Rimini, artichokes from Puglia, anchovies from Sicily and a variety of caciotte e pecorini from Tuscany.

We also sell: taralli, intorchiata biscuits, stracciatella, giuncata, braided and smoked scamorza, artisanal mozzarella knots and of course burrata, one of the most indulgent Puglian specialities.