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A story, an idea

OROBICA FOOD, founded in 2002 by the Locatelli family, is today at the top class according to quality of products and the service offered for the supply of high-end food products in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel.

Claudio Locatelli, with years of experience in the food sector, has been able to select typical Italian products from the best suppliers and organize logistics in such a way as to guarantee a punctual and precise service.

The company, based in two premises, covers a total area of more than 3,500 square metres, of which over 1,000 square metres are for the storage of goods at room temperature and 500 square metres for the storage of goods at low temperatures.

At the main head office in Chiuduno, the Locatelli family has reserved an area for clients, creating two places: ORO4SHOP and Orobica Academy, the temple of taste and… of knowledge.

The Orobica Academy is a tasting room of about 300 square metres where it is possible to get to know, taste, evaluate and understand the products of the best selections.

ORO4SHOP, on the other hand, is a space of 150 square metres for direct sale to the public: a “Boutique of Good Taste” where the client can finally purchase the products so desired.

OROBICA FOOD, before being a company is a project

Our story

Orobica Food

Orobica Food is one of the best known suppliers of foodstuffs. We are continuously looking for new products to satisfy the most demanding palates. Our numerous certifications and prizes confirm that we are on the right path, a path that we started out on in the early days of the 21st century: here is our story.

Orobica Food is founded

In 2002, after various professional experiences in the sectors of food production and sale, the Locatelli family founded “Orobica Food S.r.l.”: a young and dynamic company which distributes, in attempted sale, fresh typical Italian products for the restaurant and catering sector.

The new head office

In 2006, Orobica Food S.r.l. moved to Chiuduno, to new and larger premises which allow further development, greater presence in the Bergamo and Brescia areas and an extension towards other provinces in Lombardy, becoming a reference for the food wholesalers in Bergamo.

We open up to Europe

In 2009 exporting the goods to some European countries is started and the product range includes frozen foods.

Evolution in sale

In 2010 there was an evolution of the process of renewal and enlargement, to ensure better commercial and operative management and the company prefers the order form.

On the public’s side

In 2012, a tasting room was opened at the head office, dedicated exclusively to clients, where they can taste cured meats, cheeses, pasta, pizzas… and specific courses are organized for trainee restaurant owners. A retail store is also inaugurated.


In 2014 first and then in 2019 the presence on the Internet was renewed and enlarged with the restyling of the site.
All the products of excellence selected by Orobica Food are included, complete with information and illustrations, to offer a safe and guaranteed choice.

Safety in the workplace

Safety in the Workplace is one of the pillars on which the company’s strategic decision are based. In 2015 Orobica Food adopted a Workplace Safety Management System to further guarantee the health and safety of its staff.

ISO certifications

In 2016 it obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in order to ensure a more thorough service and greater customer satisfaction. To this end, Orobica Food purchased a new warehouse.


In 2017 Orobica Food grew both in its supply and in its logistics.
It started the automation of the warehouse from order filling and at the same time the company implemented a process of increasing its human resources, undertaking collaborations with professionals ready to develop common projects.

Brand Identity

The company started a process of major strategic restyling, creating Oro4Food, a brand comprising selected and guaranteed products of excellence that respect in full the ethical and quality values that the company pursues in its philosophy. Alongside it and complementary to it there is Esquisito; a private label which comprises excellence in the production of cheese, fish and cured meats.

Quality in prime position

In 2018 Orobica Food renewed and enlarges its offices, the retail store, the tasting room and the showroom. Naturally it continues, with the attention it has always had, the selection of suppliers, excellences and branding of products for an offer that is always at the top of quality.

Our services: quality as an indispensable constant

Orobica Food pays great attention to the service offered to its clients


The company has activated a series of internal controls and protocols to guarantee the safety in storage and delivery, thus protecting the quality of the product. The measures implemented include:

  • Internal quality department
  • Constant training for employees on hygiene and accident prevention regulations
  • Respect of the cold chain in every operation (unloading, preparation of goods- loading and delivery) with constant monitoring of the temperature and checking of the probes
  • Delivery in 12-24 hours from when the order is made
  • Dedicated deliveries with our vehicles or exclusive carriers

At our clients’ side

OROBICA FOOD has a high profile sales organization

The revolutionary idea underlying the commercial strategy is to extend the concept of traditional sale and transform the role of the sales agent into a professional figure who supports the clients in their business: trained consultants who can always offer the best products for every requirement and help you make the most of it.
To obtain such a high degree of professionalism, our collaborators, all with great experience in the sector, are constantly trained and take refresher courses.

Our Team

Professionals at the service of the HO.RE.CA. sectore